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“WOW shows us ancient sites from angles never seen before on screen!”




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Proceeds from WOW! World of Wonder will be used to fund The WOW Movie Foundation.  This is a charitable, global community of Wildlife Photographers & Cinematographers who are committed to pushing camera technology to the extreme.  We use super-definiton 3D technology to study our planet, its animals, birds, sealife & ancient monuments like never before.  We are building SKYPOD observatories & research stations which allow us us to scientifically research animals, birds, insects, plants, trees, fungi, fish & marine mammals using TimeLapse, FPV, Submersible, SlowMotion, HighSpeed & IR Photography.

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WOW THE MOVIE Tells the story of MANKIND using images from outer-space, from underwater, from the air - and presents in HD quality for the first time super close-up detail of Ancient Stone Circles, Castles, Cathedrals, Churches, Statues, Mosques & Sacred Architecture.  Our tiny cameras swim inside sunken ruins, fly inside Pyramid chambers & crypts which are closed to the public and jetison the audience into Space. This movie uses new FPV technology with HD 3D cameras which fly alongside birds & insects, swim with marine creatures and even launches our cameras into Low Earth Orbit, capturing SUPER DEFINITION footage at 4K resolution of our wonderful planet.  Even though there are no actors, no narration, no traditional ‘scenes’, the MESSAGE of this film is powerful, hypnotic and mind-blowing.


WOW THE MOVIE Brings together the amazing talents of more than 100 experimental FPV cinematographers, pilots, submariners and amateur Space-pilots.  All of our cameras are mounted on hand-built remote-control trucks, cars, cranes, planes, helicopters, hovercraft, space capsules, weather balloons and even home-made jets!

Our cinematographers film using SUPER DEFINITION 4K resolution and our post-production process has developed a unique synthesized 3D editing system.  The soundtrack features music which has been post-processed and recorded using binaural human-head effigies and uses acoustic resonance frequencies in a 3-dimensional sound-field which literally ‘levitates’ your inner-ear mechanism.


WOW! World Of Wonder

Will be digitally distributed worldwide with a single Global Release Date using DivX H265.

A New Movie. A New Foundation.


Can you help us out?  Please, if you can contribute towards our producton expenses, then we would be very happy to add you to our movie credits.  Please fill in the Donations Form, and we’ll be in touch.

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